If you’re a motorbike enthusiast, RV fiend, or someone who owns a car, then you’re required by law to have vehicle insurance, with coverage starting at liability and uninsured driver. South Carolina requires at least liability and uninsured value coverage, but it’s worth adding more to your policy…

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Just like riding a motorcycle is different than riding in a car, motorcycle insurance is different than auto insurance.  There are parts of a motorcycle insurance policy that are mandatory and then there a number of add-ons available…

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Getting out and experiencing nature in an off-road vehicle can be tons of fun. However, off-road vehicles can also be dangerous, and account for thousands of injuries each year. If you’re the owner of one, it is important to be sure you are properly covered to protect yourself, others and your vehicle from loss or damage…

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Recreational Vehicles (RV’S), Boats, ATV’s come in many shapes and sizes, and their owners use them for different purposes. Some people use RVs and Boats as their full-time homes, while others use them for camping trips and other recreational activities…

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As a boat owner, it is in your best interest to own a Boat Insurance policy. This policy provides you coverage in many areas including damages caused by vandalism, lightning, collision, and windstorms…

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