Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Asked Questions

Is Integrated Insurance Solutions (IIS) Agency my insurance company?

A: No, IIS is your insurance agent.  We partner with top-rated insurance companies. We shop the insurance marketplace and secure your coverage with one of those carriers.

What are the advantages of using an agent instead of going direct through the carrier?

A: We work for you. Our team takes the time to advise you on the insurance coverages you need and to help compare the offerings from the different carriers. Working with an insurance carrier directly they will not be familiar with the area you live in and may not be able to provide the advice you need.

How do you decide which carriers you partner with?

A: Our team reviews their carrier portfolio annually to make sure we continue to partner with the top-rated carriers that provide excellent customer service and have competitive rates.

Why do you ask for competing proposals or my current policy? Why can’t you just provide a quote?

A: Our team wants to review your current coverage to make sure you have the appropriate coverage tailor to your needs, and we want to make sure we get you a true comparison for pricing and coverage.

Why is my property not insured to match the purchase price?

A: For insurance purposes, our team reviews how much it would cost to rebuild your property in the event of a loss, this is called replacement cost. The amount you pay to purchase a property is called market value, and this could end up being more or less than the actual replacement cost of the property.

Am I locked into the coverage that I purchase?

A: Unlike other insurance coverages, there is no open enrollment period for personal property, auto, and umbrella policies. In most cases, you can make changes to your policy at any time.

I need to cancel my policy- how can I do this?

A: We never want to see our clients go; however, we understand certain situations may arise, our team is here to help with cancellations or discuss any coverage changes, please contact our office.

Vehicle FAQs

How will a new teenage driver affect my auto insurance premium?

A: There will be a sufficient increase to your premium when you add an inexperience driver because nearly 50% of new drivers experience a ticket or an accident within the first 3 years of driving. The good news is if the driver maintains a good driving record you will see a small decrease in premium after the third year.

How will a ticket affect my auto insurance premium?

A: If you are issued a driving ticket, you will be issued points on your driving record based on the traffic violation. If each point is issued, this will assign an increase in premium. Example: If you were issued a ticket for speeding at 57 mph in a 45 mph speed zone, you would be issued 2 points on your driving record which would equate to a 45% increase in premium for a 3 year period.

How will a DUI affect my insurance?

A: A DUI is one of the major violations that gets assigned the most points on your license. The maximum number is 12 points to a 343% increase on an insurance premium.

Do you need insurance to drive an ATV?

A: ATV insurance is not required by all states but it can be a smart investment for a few good reasons:

    • Protects against ATV theft.
    • Your homeowners policy may not cover your ATV while riding off your property.
    • Some state-owned and public parks require ATV insurance.
How do I get the best RV insurance rates?

A: Customizing your RV insurance policy is the best way to possibly lower your rate. Let your agent know if you are storing your RV in a safe and secure location and how you use your RV.

Property FAQs

How do you work with my mortgage company?

A: Our team works closely with your mortgage company to ensure all parties have everything they need to close on time. Our team communicates with your loan officer, so you do not have to worry about coordinating.

How does my home insurance get paid?

A: You will have several payment options available.  You can pay your premium bills directly, but the most common choice is payment through your escrow account.  This is the account that you set up with your mortgage company- you make monthly payments and funds are used to pay your principal and interest, as well as property taxes and insurance.  If you select to pay this way, your carrier will send premium bills directly to your mortgage company.  If you ever get a direct bill, don’t ignore it!  Follow-up to make sure the mortgage company received it and paid it on your behalf.

Should I get an umbrella policy to?

A: Umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of protection from lawsuits and accidents. If somebody were to get injured on your property, you may not have enough coverage with your homeowners policy. We recommend an umbrella policy to save you from paying out of your own pocket.

Do I need renters insurance?
A: If you rent the place you live, then you most likely need renters insurance. This coverage protects all of your belongings. Renters insurance will help with theft, fire and smoke damage, water damage, and temporary living expenses if you need to temporarily stay somewhere else.
Is mobile home insurance required?
A: This coverage is similar to a standard homeowners insurance policy. If your mobile home is damaged, this provides some financial protection. While not required by law, your mortgage company or mobile home community may require this coverage.

Commercial FAQs

What does commercial auto cover?
A: Commercial auto insurance policies provide coverage for physical damage and liability coverages for situations and amounts that are not usually covered by a personal auto insurance policy. This could cover vehicles used for business purposes, including company cars and commercial trucks.
I work from home; do I still need commercial property insurance?
A: The short answer is yes. In most cases, you will only be insured for a portion of the damage or loss your business may occur under your homeowners insurance policy. We recommend purchasing additional insurance protection or adding a commercial property insurance policy to fully protect your business.
How will I know if I have business interruption insurance?
A: The best way to know if you have business interruption insurance is by reviewing your policy with one of our agents. Not all commercial policies include business interruption insurance. Check for policy exclusions, coverage limits, and deductibles during your review as well.
What equipment breakdown insurance covers

A: Equipment breakdown insurance helps cover:

    • The cost to repair or replace damaged equipment
    • Income lost and inventory spoiled while the equipment is down
    • Necessary expenses incurred while the equipment is being restored

Business FAQs

Who needs cyber liability insurance?

A: Your business needs cyber insurance coverage if you:

    • Store personal information about your customers
    • Accept any form of digital payments or credit cards
    • Use a computer and/or mobile devices in your daily operations
    • Store medical or financial information
Who needs a business owner's policy?
A: A business owner’s policy (BOP) is right for you if you have a building to protect, want to protect your investments, or own a small business.
Does workers' compensation insurance cover contractors?
A: Yes, contractors are covered in the event that an employee were to try to sue an due to injuries while on the job.
What business insurance do I need?
A: Whether you are a large corporation or a small business owner, we can help find the right policy for your business. We will help narrow the search for what business insurance you may need.

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