Your homeowner’s insurance might not provide everything you need, but we can. At Integrated Insurance Solutions, we offer additional home insurance coverages that will ensure you’re 100% protected for all of your needs. That way, you can be confident in the coverage your insurance provides and never have to worry about when a new peril arises.

Property Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is an important addition to your property/casualty coverage. Many people have learned to their great misfortune that they need it. If you have a property in an area prone to flooding, make sure you get flood insurance before it’s too late. Talk to your broker about purchasing flood insurance.

You can visit The National Flood Insurance Program’s official website at

FEMA Flood Map Service Center (MSC) – your one-stop shop for everything related to flood maps and flood hazards. The MSC is intuitive, user-friendly, and perfect for the general public as well as experts in flood insurance, hazard mitigation, and floodplain management.

Additional Coverage for Contents

For example, if you have $100,000 worth of property insurance on your home, then in most cases the most you can get for contents coverage is $50,000. If you want to increase your coverage on the contents without increasing the amount of insurance you have on your home, there’s typically a minimal additional charge.

When it comes to roof coverage, some companies offer “guaranteed replacement cost coverage” for an a higher premium. Your agent could explain about the broader coverage and why you may want it. The most commonly offered type is replacement cost coverage in full on your roof.

Extended Coverage for Personal Items

For example, most policies have limits for the theft of certain types of personal property. The limit for furs and jewelry is often $500, and the same limit is often applied to firearms and computers. A list of all these limits can be found in your policy. If an item isn’t listed as an exception on your plan, you should check if it’s covered under a different section of the agreement. For any belongings that are too valuable to remain uninsured, you will need to add a scheduled property endorsement extension to your premium.

Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy, like most, does not cover catastrophic damage from earthquakes. To be safe, you’ll need to purchase earthquake coverage for an additional premium. This is inexpensive in some areas, but for South Carolina, it might be a good idea to buy as the state ranks second in the US for earthquake activity. Check out our Earthquake Coverage Guide here to learn more and make an informed decision. The same may be true for hurricanes or Wind and Hail Insurance.

Other Liability Coverage

In addition to what is already covered, you can also choose from additional liability coverage and medical payments coverage for a small cost.

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